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Week at Vanson

"Just want to say thanks, and send along a few pics of the wife and I, dressed safely in Vanson....we wear them proudly"

Val and Desiree
SF-Bay Area California

Des again in her Ladies Ace [LACE]jacket

  "My jacket just turned 30 years old. It is as strong and sturdy as the day it was bought, and more supple than I could have imagined leather to be. It is one of my oldest and most prized possessions. My jacket has seen probably 30 of 50 states, as well as some track day usage. I wear it regardless of heat or cold, and although it doesn't have the venting features of your wonderful new products, it's specialness more than makes up for that for me. It has a mature permanence about it, and I believe the jacket will never wear out. I would recommend your product to anyone."

Steve A.

"I have been a Vanson fan for years but this past year has made me more than a lifetime owner/ advertiser of Vanson products. I had 2 wrecks on my CBR1100XX in 2005 and each time I was wearing my Vanson gear...each and every time they [Vanson gear]have saved me from abrasions and major injury..The jacket and pants still look brand new except for a "little character". Thanks for making such a great product, I really consider them a factor in the reason I am here today!"

MAJ, AV Mark S.
USARC Aviation Directorate

Jess Roeder Flat tracking in his Custom Road race Suit with
optional padding required for the sport.

Jeff L. dragging a knee in his Volante II race suit At the Pocono Raceway.


just bought one of your suits and it helped me already[see image below]in a minor crash."

Chris W.

Chris W here doing a little product testing.


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