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Week at Vanson
Photo by Flair Photos
Steve R - Sporting his all black Velocity suit which he pointed out
"Looks great on the vintage bike"
Bill W at Road Atlanta Phot by Andy Chadwell
Dan in his personally designed Custom [R1 inspired] Road Race suit.

 Jyrki of the Finish Metal band The 69 Eyes now playing on MTV with their Bam Margera directed video Lost Boys wearing his Vanson Model C with Bones and Xray Gloves

"Putting some heat in the tire", Frank Capone , S/G 218 , AHDRA , Bristol 2005

 Photo by Choresh Wald

Omer outside The Damascus Gate of the old city in Jerusalem (Israel).

"I ride a honda TransAlp xlv650. I got this Vanson when I was studing in Boston this past fall. and as one of my teachers there, Bill Burke said, there is no compromise in safty. buy a Vanson.

   We are currently both North American & USA champions! We race a bmw /5 750 super vintage class sidecar racer. Tthanks for such a super quality garment. My wife Ellen has had a couple of fall offs with little to no damage done!

Photos: "Son-in-law" Alex

 Here are some shots of me on my 05 Ural Patrol and with my 90 FJ1200.I am wearing my Corbra Jacket and my Technical Sport Rider Pants.I would like them to be posted.thanks I really like your products.

Frederick T.
Valparaiso In

Photos by Lisa Theobald and Chris Vietri

Here are a few photos of one of your suits in action down here in the Florida CCS races. Thanks for a suit that fits perfectly and has held up very well. Perforation helps the airflow, and the chest pocket is a good place for a few handfulls of ice before going out onto the track! (I tell everyone to get one -- it is great.)

Nate M

Kim G of Vancouver Canada sporting a Mark2 Challenger

  Attached are a couple of photos from our wedding (June 3, 2006). The first
is Colleene and I at the Kentucky Horse Park just before our wedding and the
second is us leaving the church after the wedding. Both of us were wearing
our custom Vanson jackets and chaps.

Dave B

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