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Week at Vanson
photo by Shawn Saxton
Here is a picture of Diane D at a Jennings GP (Jennings Florida) track day with her Buell XB9R and her new Vanson suit.

Diane works as a Rider's Edge manager and Rider Coach for Harley-Davidson of Lakeland, FL

"The new suit is a perfect fit for me, as a 6'1" tall woman, off the rack suits were VERY uncomfortable.  My husband and I participate in track days for recreation and riding skills improvement. I am amazed at how much a proper fitting suit improves my form on the track. The only regret I have is that I waited so long before buying a Vanson suit.
Thank you for a great product."
 -Diana D

"here is a pic of me in the suit matt designed for me, looking for a good
side still, I do have a sequence of a crash that is kind of cool, it show how well the suit held up -Thanks
" Eric S

Photo by Brian Maxt
" just wanted to give you guys some praise, the volante suit performed incredibly well at Jennings GP. It's a thousand times better than my old Spidi. I'll be sending it back to you guys pretty soon to get a speed hump added. Sincerely, Leon Karasik. "
Photo by Ralph Corwin

This is Tom Connell who did quite well in the
2006 North East Amateur Nationals where he took:
– 1st Place Open 18+ Singles
– 2nd Place 450cc
Tom also won 450cc Expert and Sportsman classes overall in District 3

  Tom is interested in locating a some additional sponsors.  If you're interested he can be contacted via email at tghconnell@optonline.net

Our old Pal Greg Best of Scalded Dawg Racing:

"Had a great season with AHDRA and finally made a Vegas race. The awards banquet was a blast, and we were recognized with 2 top 10 finish trophies. We earned the # 8 number plate in the national points chase and runner up in the Eastern Div. in SEP. We also achieved several "personal bests" this season, and reached our 2 yr goal for a top 10 national finish by running just the Eastern Div.
We've got big plans for next year and hope that we may continue to share our joy of racing with you. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to the Vanson "family" for the standard of excellence you maintain in the production of your racing leathers. Your contingency award program serves as a testament to your dedication and continued, loyal support of our insanity, http://www.vansonleathers.com. I meanhttp://www.vansonleathers.com. our Sport."


Here is a picture of one of customer [Ecliff] in his Technical Mark 3 Sport rider Jacket

Chicks know how to ride in style too!
We love our VANSON gear it's the best in the world!
Michael & Anat C

Would you like us to post your picture in your Vanson Garment?

Email them to Vanson@vansonleathers.com
along with a photographers credit, a website link you might want to promote, and a statement allowing us to use your likeness on this website.

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