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Week at Vanson

Mini roadracer John Gessner in his new blue MKIII one-piece age 9. John has had more than his share of serious crashes while learning to roadrace, and his suits have done a fine job of protecting him while staying in one piece. Check out John's interview at www.minigpx.com

Words: Troy Gessner
T&J Racing
Lafayette, La.

Connie Cohen of CC Rider Racing


Hallet Motor Racing Circuit just outside of Tulsa, OK. I'm no racer, for
sure. The pants are custom Technical Sport Rider. The jacket is not custom, but one day I'd like to get a custom Mark 2 Cobra. At 6' 3", size 46 coat, waist 34", 190 lbs., Vanson is the only way to go.

Steve J

This is Audrey, owner of Moto Liberty in Dallas, sporting her custom
designed glow in the dark flamed Vanson Vent Max 3.

Hello, My name is Robert B I have been riding for sometime and always suit up for the ride no matter how short or hot. I live in Northern-Ca were it gets blazing hot and traffic is crazy.I recently went down hard with Vason Leathers on and your gear saved my life and my ability to walk,Thank you so much I trusted my Life to you and you did not let me down.The story goes its 10:40pm(dark) was mergeing from I-5 S to Hwy 44 W in CA. When I look back to clear my merge/lane change and leaned in early cliping the edge of the meridian with my back rim/flating my tire and launching (highside) me. I ride it out/recover and backed(slide) into the center divider/wall @ 70+mph hitting/pinning my left hip/leg with G-force/bike. I spent 12 days in the hospital for a broken hip and both legs, I'm recovering and can walk thanks to Vason Leathers.Oh yeah I need to buy new pants,the firefighter/EMT cut them off me

Sid T. A perennial favorite here at Vanson. Dressed to the 9's for the Halloween holday.

Photo and construction of the Childs jacket by Linda P. [mother]

Greg P. "feel free to use these to promote your fantastic product.
Me and my daughter, sorry about the patent infringement, the wife went a bit crazy with the sewing machine."

Ian King 2007 FIA/UEM Dragracing Championship and sponsored Vanson Rider.

Download this image as wallpaper here [1280x1024]

Turn 9 Branard International Raceway
photo: Kitty @ Kittysphotos.com

Crash August 2007 Brainerd Internation Raceway Turn 10
photo: Jonah @ Momentumphoto.net

In searching for a one piece suit I talked to numerous racers who raved about the Vanson suits they have raced over the years and read many internet reviews (all positive). I purchased my first Vanson suit this year after being sold on Vanson's solid reputation for build quality, look, durability, and customer support. I put it to the test in turn ten at Brainerd Internation Raceway, Minnesota, low siding my bike and sliding and tumbling thirty plus yards across the pavement. My Vanson suit did it's job proving you get what you pay for, in this case a quality product, I walked away without a scratch. I wouldn't race in anything else.

Ronnie Fensick on her Harley Davidson V-Rod Destroyer.

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