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Week at Vanson

To Whom It May Concern:

I just wanted to write you a letter saying thanks for building such a great product. I know you probably hear this a lot, but I was recently in a motorcycle crash while wearing your Enfield jacket and I believe it helped save me from serious injury. In the course of the accident, a Jeep ran over me while I was wearing your jacket. Please allow me to explain:

On May 18th 2013, I was on the way home from buying a second motorcycle and I was following a lifted Jeep Cherokee. The 16 year old driver of the Jeep (with a brand new license) turned right into a street and then whipped left to make a U-turn without looking. Unfortunately, I had no time to stop, and collided with his driver's side door. I was knocked unconscious and fell to the ground. The driver then decided that he should move his Jeep off the road, and proceeded to run me over in the process. His driver's side rear tire drove up onto me at my waist, rolled up my spine and directly over my head.

I was extremely lucky - I am miraculously unhurt after this accident. I sustained a concussion, but I have no broken bones, no lacerations, no internal injuries, and no internal bleeding. Just the concussion and some bumps and deep bruises - not even any road rash! I was released from the hospital 6 hours after the crash. Considering that the driver of the Jeep drove over my body, I believe your product saved me from serious injury. The jacket has some light scuffs, but there is hardly a mark on the leather. My jacket was a standard Enfield with a custom dark brown competition weight leather - the thickest leather I have owned. Unfortunately, the ambulance crew cut it off me before I had a chance to say anything, and it was completely ruined as a result.

I have owned several of your jackets before, but this one was my go-to jacket. It fit me perfectly and it moved with me when I rode. Your jackets are not only great protection, but they are the most functional motorcycle jackets I have owned (and I've owned a few). I must say that I am now thoroughly convinced of the quality of your products. I will be replacing this jacket with another Vanson as soon as my finances will allow, and I will proudly tell my friends about how your product played a large role in keeping me alive and healthy. My wife, who is currently pregnant, thanks you as well. I believe this means even more to her than it does to me.

With gratitude,

James MacNair
Newberg, OR

Thanks James! We're glad you're okay and do our best to make the safest and most comfortable garments around. We hope for your wife's sake this is the LAST time you'll be run over by a car!

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