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Week at Vanson
Mohegan Sun Sponsored Rider Chris Rivas on the S&S/Buell NHRA Pro Stock Motorcyle

Mike a customer of ours seen here with Motorcycle and
motor-anything enthusiast Jay Leno in front of a V-8 Boss Hoss.

David Asman writes:

" I've had these leathers for a good ten years now! I wear them almost every weekend, rain or shine, and there still good as new (that’s a lot of weekends).

This is them and my Guzzi v11sport going through a long awaited track-day at Laguna Seca back in Nov. 2005. Even though I haven't been on the track in quite some time, it all came back and I had a blast."

Ralph 'Out and About' Tells us:

"The Mark 2 Cobra jacket is perfect for new england weather riding thank you for a versatile, quality jacket."

Valarie Thompson Warming up before a pass at and AHDRA event this summer. Look for her next season with new sponsors and a new Vanson DR2 suit.
Photo: Marvin T. Smith

Holly Wallace
This picture was taken at Valdosta the weekend she was awarded 2004 AMA/Prostar Rookie of the Year. She finished the season #2, which also made her the highest ranking female in Prostar history. Next season Holly will be running Pro Stock in NHRA.

International Hovercraft Racer Raoul Dahms

   I'm very grateful for the custom made Vanson Hovercraft racing suit, as well as many of the other Vanson products that help protect me on my piloting and riding adventures. "



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