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One Fast Cop - Got Ya!

John Morena is a customer and a LA Motorcycle cop. He's also a very fast racer. John is working with kids who ride (too fast for) the street to teach them (among other things) track riding skills. John had his RSV4 custom painted and a Vanson suit custom made for a Los Angelos Police department sponsored program called Got Ya! He looks very handsome, and very official in his police leathers by Vanson!

John Morena John Morenae John Morena John Morena
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Thank you Mr. Tillet

We are lucky to know his son Steve, he is a friend, and associate. Steve has helped out at our open house events for years, and he always brings a cake. His father had a famous baking hobby, he made as many as 1100 cakes a year. Maybe as many as 11,000 since retiring. He made other things too, stolen, pies, bread. He shared his recipes and sent his baked goodies all over the world. Mr. Tillet's cakes have fueled the Vanson crew through numerous events. We will miss the tradition of kicking off our open house weekend with a cake for the crew on Thursdays.

Mr. Tillet passed away January 14 at 87. We are so appreciative that we had the chance to share his cake. We looked forward to it, he made us happy, and I bet that is why he loved to bake.

  Tillett Letter Kim and Cake  
Classic Tillett Cake Vanson Vutures About to Pounce Cake about to be Devoured Open Wide
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U-Ride from Rome

"our dealers U-Ride from Rome displaying Vanson Leathers at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona Italy the weekend of 22nd of January"
Tiger Tiger Tiger
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Nobu Tsujita

Japanese version
Let me intoduce my self. My name is Nobu Tsujita of Nobu and Company who has been
importing and selling Vanson Leather products since 2002 to Hong Kong and Taiwan.
I respect Vanson Leathers due to their 36years history of manufacturing in
USA and appreciate very much that I can deal with such company.