The Teton

Size: 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60
Chest 41.50 43.50 45.50 47.50 49.50 51.50 53.50 55.50 57.50 59.50 61.50 63.50 65.50
Across Shoulders 20.50 21 21.50 22 22.50 23 23.50 24 24.50 25 25.50 26 26.50
Sleeve Length 24.10 24.23 24.36 24.49 24.62 24.75 24.88 25.01 25.14 25.27 25.40 25.53 25.66
Length - Front 25.25 25.50 25.75 26 26.25 26.50 26.75 27 27.25 27.50 27.75 28 28.25
Length - Back 27.25 27.50 27.75 28 28.25 28.50 28.75 29 29.25 29.50 29.75 30 30.25


Q. What are these measurements?
A. The measurements presented are for the jacket itself as per each jacket size. Here is a breakdown of where we are generally measuring to get these numbers.
Chest: Full circumference, just under the armpit.
Across Shoulders: Starting at the intersection at the top of the shoulder where it means the sleeve, across the top of the shoulders and back to the opposite intersection.
Sleeve Length: From the point used for the above measurement to the wrist, arm at side.
Length - Front: From the top of the center front where the collar meets the body to the bottom hem of the jacket.
Length - Back: From the center back where the collar meets the body of the jacket to the bottom hem of the jacket.

Q. Why is the chest measurement bigger than the jacket size?
A. We make our jackets with the intention that they will fit, on average, a person with a chest measurement equal or close to the jacket size. Our leather doesn't like to stretch, so it's important that you have some room to move. We call this ease. Some jackets, based on the way they are intended to fit and move, may have differing eases. You should not buy a jacket with the same finished chest measurement as your own. You will not be able to zip it up!

Q. Is .13" that noticeable between sizes?
A. It IS not. The most noteable size change between our jackets is the widths, not the lengths. .13" can be lost easily in a seam allowance as it is stitched. However, over multiple sizes these small incremenents across the jacket make a noticeable all over change. If you have the right size but for the sleeve length, going up a size for .13" in length is probably not going to make any significant) difference.

Q. Why use the same measurement table for multiple styles?
A. Some of our jackets share the same shell, or basic jacket shape/pieces, as other styles. The Model B, for example, is also the base for the America jacket and the House jacket. The measurements are the same, although the graphics options, pockets, buckles, or other features change between them. We continuously produce new shells and patterns at Vanson, but new styles with the same shapes sometimes grow out of customer demand.

Q. I measured my jacket and it's different from your chart. Why is that?
A. Our leather, especially our competition weight, is a non-stretch material sewn, and sometimes cut, by hand. A basic seam allowance is 1/2 of an inch. Our rolled cuff sleeves are set in place by hammering. There are many places where small variations in sizing can come into play. It may also be because we are measuring in different places.

Q. Where's measurements for [XYZ] jacket, pants, or other items?
A. We're a small company and projects like this take time. The hope is that, little by little, we'll add more measurements to the site until we are up to date. For sizing inquiries on jackets without measurements, you can always e-mail or call us: (508)-678-2000.