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Week at Vanson
Measuring for Custom Garments

X 31) Front and Back Rise
Move tape slide buckle along the elastic belt to the bellybutton as shown. Measure from waist front to waist back (where you have centered the elastic belt of the Vanson Measuring Device), between legs with pants pulled up snug.
X 32) Waist to Crotch, Back
Move tape slide buckle along the elastic belt to the point shown.Measure from waist back to crotch seam with pants pulled up snug.
33) Crotch to Neck, Back
From crotch seam to base of neck (where vertebrae protrudes from spine). Take this measurement with pants pulled up snug and hold tape against body.
X 34) Waist to Neck, Front Seated
From the hollow at the base of the neck, to the waist at bellybutton.
X 35) Crotch Depth
Move tape slide buckle along the elastic belt to the point shown. Sit on flat surface. From waist at side seam to the flat surface you are sitting on.
36) Neck to Beltline, Bent Over
From base of neck (where the vertebrae protrudes from spine) to top of pant waistband at back in your normal riding position.
37) Knee Circumference, Bent
Place tape around knee with leg straight. Bend knee to match your normal riding position, allow tape to get longer, and take measurement.
X 38) Waist to Floor, Kneeling
Move tape slide buckle along the elastic belt to the point shown. Measure from waist at side seam, to the floor along outseam while kneeling.
39) Total Torso
From hollow at the base of neck to elastic belt in front, through legs (with pants pulled up snug) to elastic belt at back, then up to vertebrae at base of neck at back*. [ *A normal 60Ē tape isnít quite long enough for this job. You can measure in two sections as shown below, or continue until the tape ends, then mark the end point with your finger, and measure/add the remaining distance.]
40) Circumference Under Bust
Measure just underneath the bust as shown. (women only)
41) Circumference Over Bust
Measure around the widest portion of the bust and back, with tape parallel to floor. (women only)
42) Circumference Above Bust
Measure just above the bust as shown. (women only)
43) Back of Neck to Widest Part of Bust
Measure from the base of neck at back (where the vertebrae protrudes from the spine) to the shoulder point shown, then down to the apex of the bust. (women only)
44) Apex to Apex
Measure across the bust from apex point to apex point, with tape parallel to the floor. (women only)

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