Product Name:  Back Pad Armor


Product ID:  PRO4
Category:  Accessories
Price:  $99.00


The VANSON back pad is available in multiple sizes, each of which consists of thermal plastic scales riveted to dual density foam. The back pad attaches inside the jacket via Velcro ® tabs, one on the liner in the small of the back and the other attached to a triangular elastic panel at the back of the jacket collar. The connection of this panel and the backpad via industrial grade Velcro ® allows for solid attachment while maintaining the integrity of fit through a wide range of movement by distributing the weight of the backpad (10 oz.) across the shoulders and away from the neckline. In our roadrace suits and our technical jackets, seen in Chapter 3, we take this concept one step further by fixing the top of the backpad to two elastic straps which drop down from the shoulder seams, distributing the weight of the pad much like the straps of a backpack. Our armor fits wherever you see this icon. Our three scale pad fits in men's jackets up to size 38 and most women's jackets. The four scale backpad fits in men's sizes from 40-50 and the five scale fits in sizes 52 and above. Six and seven scale pads are available to fit in our professional roadrace suits, as well as a strap-on back pad for use with other garments.
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