Product Name:  WOMENS NIGHT CHALLENGER MK2 in medium weight Firenze leather


Product ID:  C3ALF
Category:  Womens
Price:  $699.00


WOMENS NIGHT CHALLENGER 3M Scotchlite piping in the visible seams of our Avenger jacket makes you stand out at night. It is the brightest of any reflective material on the market. It can offer you that extra edge of protection when you think others can’t see you. The patented vent is the largest controllable air flow system available and the jacket will not ‘balloon’ when the vent is open which ensures proper fit in all vent configurations. Athletic mesh lining is pre-snapped to receive the Streamliner Thermal Vest. Jacket accepts any Vanson armor system at the shoulders, elbow-forearm and back and will zip to any Sport Rider style pant. Reflective Vanson ovals on sleeves.
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