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DRAG - "Off the Rack" Men's 2 piece Drag Suit

The DRAG is the only "Off the Rack" professional two piece Drag Racing suit designed for maximum comfort and flexibility without sacrificing safety. This off the rack suit is constructed of a single layer of 1.4mm competition weight cowhide. All the zippers and hardware are long lasting brass.

DRAGThe mandarin collar has a Velcro closure as a standard feature.

The wrists and ankles have raw edge leather construction to reduce the bulk in gloves and boots. The ankle zippers, and fly zipper have a velcro closure tab flap to keep those zippers in the safety locked position.

There is a small license/time slip pocket (stamped with the Vanson unit number for identification) on the windflap of the jacket. The leather end of the waistband on the pants is also embossed with the Vanson unit number. The unit number allows us to track ownership and service history of each suit.

It has a nylon mesh lining for comfort and ventilation. An inside access zipper along the fronts and around the neck allows the lining to be semi-removable for ease of repair, graphics, maintenance, and cleaning.

The Drag comes standard with the removable Pro4 (4 scale back pad) and Grind. The Pro4 back pad attaches into the jacket and can be adjusted for comfort. Grind is a Vanson exclusive sandwich of extra leather and Powerstretch (Vanson special Aramid and Cordura woven blend). Grind is used in the shoulders, elbow/forearm, hips, knees and seat.

The effectiveness of Grind has been tested at 248mph; if you want to know how it works just ask Korry Hogan (248 mph) or Chris Hand (225 mph) from Redneck Express. We are the only company that offers Grind in a drag suit.

Input from many riders has been instrumental in the development of this suit. We thank Dave Shultz, Jim McClure, Steve Johnson, Ian King, Larry Mcbride, Angelle Savoie and Matt Smith.

DRAG suits are available in sizes from US Sizing 34 to 54 (European Sizing 44 to 64) see fit chart for height + weight sizing help.

Standard Features

• Two piece suit of single thickness leather enhanced with GRIND (inside patches of leather and Aramid sandwich) at shoulders, elbow/forearm, hips, knees and seat. Full circumference waist zipper and stretch knit inner pants waistband.

• GRIND – Vanson exclusive: sandwich of extra leather and Powerstretch. GRIND is placed inside the suit at shoulders, elbow/forearm, hips, knees and seat.

• PRO4 – 4 scale backpad – adjustable and/or removable – access through zipper opening in the jacket lining.

• Adjustable mandarin collar with VELCRO closure.

• No waistband on jacket.

• Wind flap with license/time slip pocket

• Low bulk raw edge sleeves and ankles.

• Straight cut pants - over boots (slightly pre-curved knee).

• Ankle zippers on back leg.

• D-ring on right sleeve.

• Vanson logo embroidered on collar.