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Vanson Leather Colors

This is just to show how many colors in leather are available through Vanson Leathers. This is not a true representation of the color due to the differences in monitors which are viewing this page. Order a presentation box and it will include actual leather samples.

Amber B3 Tan
Amber B3 Tan Battleship Grey Black Perf Black
Bone British Racing Green Buck Tan Candy Blue Charcoal
Dark Brown Ducati Red Ducati Yellow Dutch Blue Flame Orange
Florescent Orange Florescent Green Fred Fushia GA2 Tan
Gold Kawasaki Green Lemon Lime Green Marlin Blue
Metal Gold Navy Blue Octaon Orange Peel Pearl Grey
Pink Purple Red Reflex Blue Rocket Red
Silver Sky Blue Solar Steel Surf Blue
Violet Walnut White Wine Yamaha Blue
Metallic Colors (for trim only)
Silver Platinium Lime Turquoise Dark Green
Poyal Blue Pale Blue Violet Red Pale Pink
Hot Pink Gold Apricot Bronze Pewter