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How to Determine Your Size

VANSON motorcycle garments are designed to be worn on a motorcycle. They are tools. The fit is specific to the application. Though many of our motorcycle jackets are worn in urban markets as high fashion, it is their credibility as tools that makes them desirable as possessions. Our jackets are primarily sized by chest circumference. Determine your chest circumference and begin there. This is your size and it can also be related to our garments sized XS-XXL and to women's sizes 4-20.

Fit can be subjective. What feels snug on one can feel loose on another. VANSON garments are designed to be worn snugly. If you plan to use the VANSON armor with your garment this needs to be considered as you are trying it on. There are no hard and fast rules about sizing up or down based on armor or not, just as there are no hard and fast rules about body shapes and sizes. Please remember, there is absolutely no consistency at all in sizing from one clothing manufacturer to another. Do not count on the size of your jeans as being an indicator of what size your waist measures. A measuring tape never lies. Sometimes vanity does. The sizing of jeans varies widely depending on brand and cut and more often than not the size jeans one wears has absolutely no relation to the size of one's waist. Here's how it works. First, your waist is measured at your belly button. No one wears their jeans at their belly button.

At their hips, where men wear their jeans, they are generally narrower than at the waist, so what the label on your jeans says is your waist measurement is often closer to your hip measurement. Second, jeans are cut to be worn low. VANSON pants, except those styles referred to as "Low Rise", are high waisted for protection and because they are protective gear they are intended to be worn at the waist. Third, we cannot second guess what garment a person might be using to determine their size. Therefore, in the interest of accuracy and consistency, our sizing is always based on an actual measurement, not on another manufacturers sizing. Our women's sizing also often runs smaller than many women are used to. To start you might want to try a size up from what you usually wear in street clothes.

Conversely, if you start with sizes much larger than your measurements indicate you may end up not only uncomfortable but also inadequately protected against weather and road. The stiffness of a new VANSON garment is sometimes confused with tightness. This is because the leather needs to be convinced to give where you need it to.

This means that your garment will learn to accommodate to your particular shape. 

Not every style fits the same way. The cut of a motorcycle jacket is different from a traditional garment fit. Not every body type can wear every style. Your VANSON dealer can help point out which person might be more appropriate for a CHP than an AZ, or a BREEZE instead of a CSRV. Some styles are so specific that what may feel like a fit problem might actually be a design feature. For example, the sleeves on a VANSON motorcycle jacket are canted forward an average of 17 degrees from a standing position with arms at your sides. When the jacket is zipped with your arms at your sides you may see in the mirror and feel a little tightness across the chest and the sleeves may seem too long.

When you reach for the handlebars all this changes. As the arms come up the logic behind the fit becomes apparent. The chest loosens up, the sleeves that seemed long fall perfectly at the wrist and the tightness across the chest disappears. These jackets are not designed to stand with your arms at your side. They are designed for riding and that's what they excel at. Similarly, the pants are designed to fit most efficiently in the riding position, and they do. Click here for more information on how your road race suit should fit.

Custom Fit
So, you are not one of the mythical average creatures that magazines and clothing manufacturers would have us believe that we should be to fit into their clothes. With VANSON you don't need to endure sleeves that are too short or too long, strangling collars or bare ankles. We specialize in fitting non-standard individuals with minor changes such as sleeve or jacket length changes to full custom made-to-measure roadrace suits and everything in between. We offer a-la-carte pricing for simple changes and a flat fee for full custom, all of which is delineated on our pricelist. We guarantee the fit on all of our custom garments when our measure form is properly filled out and when all of the built-in mathematical checks work out as specified. Once we review that form we may decide that you are not a custom at all. You may fit into a slightly modified standard size which saves you money while not compromising fit in any way. This is determined by our team of designers and fit professionals. Your VANSON dealer has all of these forms and has been trained by our representatives in how to properly determine your size. Also available at your dealer are our color swatches, VANSON measuring device and the benefit of his or her experience.

Custom Design
VANSON Leathers offers full custom design. Custom can mean a made-to-measure existing style or designing and making real your own personalized view of a leather garment. This might be as simple as making a coat in your favorite color with a personalized emblem or as complicated as mixing and matching collars and pockets from multiple styles. If you send us your drawing or a picture of your logo we can scan it and our computer cutting machine will render it exactly in leather. If you would like a group of team or club jackets made we can cut your graphics in infinite quantities on our water jet which can slice through any material, even steel, with a cut as fine as a human hair. You will see many of these custom garments in this catalog as we have made it a point to take pictures of real people in their favorite jackets, pants and roadrace suits.

Since each garment of this nature is unique, each of these original designs must be reviewed to determine the level of difficulty in creating it and the price. Though only VANSON can determine this price, your VANSON dealer is always the best conduit for this flow of information. Through them we are always happy to discuss your special project.