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SM22- -Two Piece Custom Super Motard Suit

For a complete review by Brian Murray of SoCal Super Moto see:

The SM22 is the professional Custom two piece Super Motard racing suit. This suit is constructed of a single layer of 1.4mm competition weight cowhide, 1000 Denier Cordura, 1000 Denier Cordura Heavy Mesh, and Powerstretch Aramid textile.

VO93All the zippers and hardware are long lasting brass. The full circumference waist zipper is tucked behind a narrow jacket extension for protection. The top of the pants has a snap closed stretch knit inner waistband behind the zipper.

There is a small license pocket (stamped with the Vanson unit number for identification) on the windflap of the jacket. The leather end of the waistband on the pants is also embossed with the Vanson unit number. The unit number allows us to track ownership and service history of each suit.

The athletic mesh lining is semi removable for ease of repair, graphics maintenance and cleaning. Access is through an inside zipper along the center fronts and around the neck.

The wrists and ankles have raw edge leather construction to reduce the bulk in gloves and boots. The neck tab has a Velcro closure tab flap to keep the front zipper in the safety locked position.

The SM22 comes standard with complete F.A.S. (Floating Armor System) CE approved Vantech armor that has high flex to allow greater range of motion while retaining a high level of safety. F.A.S. armor is at the shoulders, elbow/forearms, hips and knees. There is an extra layer of leather in the seat. The adjustable or removable PRO4 articulated back pad is attached with Velcro so you can adjust it for comfort. All of the armor is attached with our patented Full Floating Armor System. This allows the armor to stay with the rider for safety while the suit movement is unrestricted.

The suit has PROperf leather panels to increase cooling, flexibility and comfort. It also has a Spandex beaded collar for comfort. Extra large stretch panels are in the shoulders, back, and knees for maximum range of motion and ventilation. These panels are made out of a sandwich of 2 layers of 1000 Denier Mesh Cordura and a layer of stretch spandex.

Powerstretch Aramid material in the armpits, arms, legs and crotch allows extreme ease of movement required for Motard racing.

We want to thank Paul Lima from GP Motorcycles, Eric Wood from Penquin Racing, and Geoff Arnold from Joker Machine for helping us develop the Vanson Super Motard suits.

Custom Features

• Spandex beaded collar – for no bulk and no restrictions.

• Powerstretch Aramid material in shoulders, arms, legs and crotch to facilitate extreme ease of movement required for Motard racing.

• Combination of leather and textiles for increased safety while providing a lightweight fatigue reducing garment.

• New CE (Vantech) approved armor with high flex to allow a greater range of motion while retaining a high level of safety. For maximum comfort the armor is attached with the patented F.A.S. (Floating Armor System) using controlled movement elastic and velcro placement.

• PROperf leather panels to allow increased cooling, flexibility and comfort.

• Extra large mesh Cordura and spandex sandwich stretch panels in shoulders, back and knees for maximum range of motion.

• No waistband for low bulk construction.