4015 Z150


  • Classic leather motorcycle jacket
  • Retro international 60s style biker jacket
  • Competition double leather at shoulders and elbows
  • Cross-zipper leather security tab at neck
  • Cross-zipper leather security tabs at wrist
  • Leather lined collar
  • Snap-back mandarin collar
  • Embroidered Vanson leather oval
  • Racing stripes on sleeves
  • 2 Interior open-top wallet pockets
  • Full leather inside facings
  • Rayon lining
  • 3 Zip-close front pockets
  • 1 Exterior snap-close cigarette pocket
  • ID key fob embossed with garment unit-number for reference
  • Windtight low-bulk zip close sleeves
  • Chrome hardware black cap snaps
  • Leather windflap
  • Two-way main zipper for comfort
-10% $699.00
Material Color

  • -10%
  • 35.10
  • 35.20

Back in the day there were jackets…nice jackets…great jackets. The Vanson 4015 is a Legendary Great Jacket. Great Jackets back then were like great jackets are today  -   they are all about details, materials used and design. Great Jackets from different periods are recognizable for what they are.  Something about them quietly shines through time and summons your attention.

In the best practices of its time, the Vanson CLASSIC is designed with redundant and mutually supporting systems in key areas.  For example, the sleeves close with both a wrist zipper and a snap tab to make sure the zipper pull stays in the locked position.  The underside of the wrist zipper also has a leather guard to keep the zipper away from the skin.  At the end of the leather sleeve is a leather bead carefully topstitched around the cuff.  The leather bead has a raw edge for low bulk and greater comfort.

Redundant comfort is also evident with the two-way zipper and the leather snap-tab just below the neckline. Like the tab at the wrists, this top-of-the-zipper tab provides extra security - when closed, the tab holds the zipper pull in the locked position.  To keep the wind out, there’s a full length windflap behind the front zipper and a two-way snap-close mandarin collar.

Running up the sleeves over the shoulder and into the collar neckline are two contrasting but subtle stripes of leather.  Handmade embroidered Vanson ovals are on each shoulder.  The effect is understated elegance.

Inside, the Vanson CLASSIC JACKET is fully-finished with two large inside wallet-pockets built into large curved leather facings running up the center front.  The full lining is protected from stress and wear by lower facings built across the inside bottom of the jacket.

Three zippered pockets and an applied patch cigarette pocket complement the front.  The total pocket count is five - a lot by any standard. 

Great Jackets from the period have slender lines.  The clean full-length, two-piece back is a luxurious use of material, true to the concept of build quality. The Vanson CLASSIC, like all period “Great Jackets”, is not made for slouching about with your hands jammed into pockets.  That was and still is a posture for guys in unsophisticated, unremarkable regular jackets, not gentlemen in a “Great Jacket” such as the Vanson CLASSIC. . . .

4015 Z150
1000 Items

Data sheet

Non armored........20
Not vented........32

Specific References

4015 Z150
  • SIZES;.XXS...XS....SM....MED...LG....XL....XXL...XXX
  • Scale....32..34..36..38..40..42..44..46..48..50..52..54..56..58..60..62
  • Sizing XXS(31) XS(34) SM(37) MED(40) LG(43) XL(46) XXL(49) XXXL(52)
  • Size MED-(SZ 40) Chest measures 44 = CONTINENTAL FIT ( 4 in of chest ease )
  • Back length is 25.5 Front 21.5 Sleeves are 34.5 Nape of neck to Wrist.
  • Bottom circumference sweep is 39 inches.
  • Jacket is cut 1.5 in. longer than the Mule. Side slits allow some flare at
  • bottom. Jacket is meant to cover the beltline.
  • Continetal fit ....
  • Download the Fit Chart

Beautiful smooth grain 1.2 mm ( 3 oz. ) leather with a
polished look and feel. Only the very best grade of skins
can make this leather. This leather breaks in easily and
as it does the look and feel develop and become unique to
the garment. This is a sophisticated and elegant medium
weight leather.