• Old fashioned hold-your-pants-up accessory
  • << X >> Swivel-clip suspenders
  • Chrome hardware
  • Swivel-Hooks at each end
  • Comfortably wide - 1.5 inch - Heavy-Duty elastic


Four Clip Suspender

Gentlemen (almost) always wear Suspenders! For Grandfather Blansfield, Al Capone, Franklin Roosevelt, Clyde Barrow and others suspenders were "de riguer"; both functional and classy. Today Vanson makes by hand traditional suspenders in a four clip, three clip and two clip design.

The four clip design (SUC4) has twin elastic legs at the front and back.
The three clip design (SUC3) has twin elastic legs at the front and a "Y" single elastic leg on the back.
The two clip design (SUC2) has twin elastic loops that meet under the arms at each side .

As with every single handmade Vanson the individual unit-number is embossed on leather and discretely stitched on the underside elastic on the right front leg. A matching embossed Vanson Oval goes on the left front leg underside.

Each leg is secured via a spring-loaded swivel-clip to a pant beltloop. Top-grain leather is used to cut folding attachments secured with rivets.

Fit (lengths) and elastic tension are controlled by sliding the adjuster-ovals up and down the front legs, The elastic we use is 1.5 inches wide for optimal strength and comfort over the shoulders.

  • One size fits all. Fireman Suspenders - Cross in X at back.
  • 4 leather tab ends with swivel-clips to attach to pant beltloops.
  • Elastic adjustment and tension provided by two sliding oval-rings on the
  • two front elastics.