Vanson's FD05 One Piece Automotive Fire Suit
Driver/crew suit with an SFI-5 double layer of protection.

The FD05 Profit Fire Suit is a "NO COMPROMISE" Professional (twin zipper) one piece Custom Automotive Fire Suit designed for maximum comfort and flexibility without sacrificing safety.

Vanson FJ05 Jacket & FP05 Pants PROfit® CarbonX Two Piece Fire Suit

Vanson's FD05 One Piece Automotive Fire Suit

The FD05 (twin zipper) Profit one piece Fire Suits are constructed of a double - outer layer CarbonX TWT-60 (6.9oz., 2x2 twill weave) and a quilted liner layer of DJ77 (8oz., double jersey interlock knit).

Vanson’s fire suits are developed for drivers racing in advanced competitions and are compliant with SFI level 5 (SFI Foundation, Inc.) certified safety compliance rating. Our Profit FD05 Suit is form fitting incorporating expander gussets at the shoulder, pre-curved arms for a more relaxed feel and an expander panel in the lower back, which allows for a form fit with flexibility when seated, while preventing the suit from being pulled down in the shoulders.

Why CarbonX

CarbonX is a loose weave carbon patented blend of material that when exposed to high heat expands to give you optimum PPE protection during a high heat/fire situation. Our materials are lightweight, flexible with a soft touch very similar to cotton, allowing for maximum breathability comfort. Unlike our competitors, CarbonX will wick away moisture and dries quickly reducing fatigue and heat stress which enhances the wearer’s comfort. CarbonX has a long wear life, allowing Vanson’s PPE race fire suits to be worn daily providing great value to our users. This is achieved because of the inherently non-flammable propertied CarbonX’s which will not wash or wear out.

Standard Features

• Double outer layer of CarbonX TWT-60 (6.9oz., 2x2 twill weave) with an inner layer of CarbonX DJ77 (8oz., double jersey interlock knit).
• Expander gussets on the back of the shoulders allows the suit to move with the driver without riding up on the drivers shoulders and causing discomfort.
• Reinforced Epaulets, Daytona style reinforced epaulets standard for quick removal from vehicle.
• Expander Panel in the lower back area helps to prevent the suit from pulling down on the driver’s shoulders.
• Pre-curved Arms, prevents underarm pressure which can put your hand to sleep during extended time in the driver’s seat.
• Adjustable collar and belted waist ensure a comfortable precise fit.
• Serial Numbered for identification of ownership and cataloging of patterns and alterations. (Located under Belt)

How to Order your Vanson Suit:

Get started by downloading the Custom Suit Measurement Guide below, if you have any questions about how to order or size your suit feel free to call or email our suit expert, Matt Silva : or 508-678-2000

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