Vanson Leather Insurance Policy

Asphalt Insurance

Our Asphalt Insurance should be a no brainer when purchasing a Vanson Racing Suit. No one is exempt from falling while racing. Your suit is there to protect you in case of a fall, but what protects the suit? Getting an Vanson Asphalt Insurance Policy when you purchase your suit will give you piece of mind knowing that you can get your suit repaired or replaced*.

Vanson Leather Insurance Policy

One year of FREE repair on your racing suit of damage caused from crashing while racing. 5o% credit for complete replacement of leathers in the event of a serious incident where policy holder is cut out of existing suit. Repair will consist of re-stitching, patching or replacing parts and panels deemed unsafe or unlikely to pass tech inspection.

*These exclusions apply:

1. Re-stitching of graphics or lettering for cosmetic reasons, and not deemed tech exclusive.

2. Replacement suit will be of the same pattern, style and fit as damaged suit. (Verification of emergency cutoff may be requested)

3. Shipping costs to and from Vanson are the responsibility of the policy holder.

4. Time frame for all insured repairs are managed by Vanson Leathers and subject to the same constraints as paid repairs.

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