Fit, Size & So On...

Our garments are designed to fit when you're on a motorcycle to best protect you.We didn't plan on making our jackets look cool.

Our garments are there to protect you when you're on a motorcycle.

If you're here you already know we use the best available materials; we cut and fit them for a rider, sitting on a bike, hands on controls.

They are meant to get out of the way when you're riding, and protect you if you get off before you've stopped.

That is not the same thing as tailoring a coat that hangs well on someone who's standing, walking, leaning on a bar...not the same thing at all.

Consider this. Standing straight, arms at your sides, a normal jacket should hang straight. But put on one of our riding jackets, and...something is wrong...the sleeves seem much too long, and they're trying to push your arms forward. (Typically the natural angle for our sleeves is about 17 degrees  from the vertical*). Now go sit on a bike, as if you were riding...the sleeves are suddenly the right length, fitting your arms without strain, and the chest stops feeling tight.

That's not all. If you are planning to use armor (which many/most, [delete as applicable], of our jackets will take), you need to fit the jacket with armor in place. The fit should be smooth and close, with nothing to bunch up, flap or catch, but not uncomfortably tight. Our leather is heavy, and quite stiff at first, so take a moment or two before deciding a garment is too tight. With time and use it will break in and take on the shape of your body.

Vanson's riding pants have always had a high waist...this has always given better protection.Our riding pants have always had a high waist...this has always given better protection. But it means that neither women nor men can go by jeans sizing.

Has all this put you off? We hope not. The measurement process is long and complicated, especially if you need a suit, and it does take someone else to do it, but the reward will be a perfect fit. Go to a Vanson dealer, or come to our showroom, and it will be done for you.

If that isn't possible, on our website there are instructions for making your own special measuring tool, as well as a measurement form.

We can make just about anything custom, but We Really Prefer Not To. Very often you can get the fit you are looking for with small changes to a standard size. It costs less to change a sleeve or jacket length than for us to build a custom garment.

This is a good place to point out that some jackets and pants will fit some people better than others. This is something your Vanson dealer can help you with.


*Forward. Backward would be a straitjacket...