40 Years of Globalization has affected many United States manufacturers, Vanson included.

When a Vanson item has the Hand Made in U.S.A. designation listed on its webpage it means it is designed, engineered, cut, and produced by our skilled craftspeople from imported and domestic materials here at our workshop in Fall River, MA, U.S.A.

The imported and domestic materials/items we use in our construction process may themselves contain materials that originate from a deeper layer of locations/countries. Whatever the material (imported or domestic) you can be assured that we have done our research to make sure that these materials meet or exceed our quality requirements. You can rest assured the Vanson you purchase will with proper care last many years if not generations. 

Vanson factory floor, Fall River, MAHand cut materialsA Vanson racing suit being hand built in our Fall River shopstitching station in Fall Riveranother step in our construction