Washing, Reconditioning  & Re-dye Services

Vanson's Washing, Reconditioning  & Re-dye ServicesRegardless of the age or condition, a Vanson reconditioning will enhance both the appearance and vitality of the leather. 

Washing and Cleaning the leather can be either a surface cleaning and Leather Balm treatment or a complete immersion bath using our specially-formulated oil and wax process.  

Vanson's Washing, Reconditioning  & Re-dye Services, before and afterSurface cleaning is a process of cleaning the surface of the leather to remove oily road grit and grime.  The objective is to emulsify any surface dirt and lift it off the leather so it will not penetrate the leather’s finish. 

Reconditioning Wash involves cleaning the surface of the leather and then soaking the entire garment in a warm water bath to re-impregnate the leather with the same oils used in the original tanning process.   This is recommended for leathers that have become stiff and dry from exposure to sun, sweat, abrasion and/or extended use.  After a Reconditioning Wash, the leather is carefully and slowly dried from the inside out with gentle air flow.

Depending on the age and condition, it may be desirable to re-dye the leather. This is done by stripping away any loose finish, sealing the grain to lock in moisture, and then hand applying new finish to the surface.  Finally, the entire garment is re-topped with the same clear spray used at the tannery when the leather was new.