Repairs & Resizing

Oops, time for repare workIn addition to our made-to-measure and custom design services, Vanson also offers expert repair and resizing services.  The Unit Number embossed into every garment enables us to pull up the original patterns used to make your jacket.  Additionally, we track any repairs and modifications made to each garment, so we can rebuild or remake the garment at any point in time.

We will repair crash damage and replace zippers and snaps to the point where any damage becomes virtually unnoticeable.  Aging and cosmetic blemishes can also be rectified using our Wash + Re-dye Service. Graphics and Logos can also be changed or replaced as desired.

We can also open up or take in your Vanson jacket if you’ve changed physically since the time you purchased your original Vanson.

While most repair and resizing work is fairly straightforward, every situation is unique and will be evaluated and priced out on an individual basis.

You can return your Vanson jacket for repair or resizing through your dealer or by sending it directly to us.

Repairs Service

Vanson Garments ONLY
Contact us if you are interested in these services

Need a Repair? Follow these three easy steps:


Down load and fill out our 'Vanson Repair Form' (contact information and what you would like repaired). If you have any other information write a note and attach it to the form. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE PAYMENT INFORMATION. Please include specifics, such as inches to increase and where, if you can. We will inspect garments for safety as per request.


Send your garment with your comleted 'Vanson Repair Form' to our repairs department:

Vanson Leathers
Attn: Repairs
951 Broadway
Fall River, MA 02724


Wait 2-3 days from expected arrival of your garment at Vanson to be contacted with a repairs estimate and timeframe. Most repairs without pattern work take 2 weeks or less of 5 full business days. Special circumstances, significant work, pattern or graphics work, or a large influx of repairs can expand this timeframe. Please be prepared to provide payment information at time of contact for expediting the delivery of your jacket.
If you'd like to see a list of set prices for standard repairs, please see below. For questions, please contact repairs via e-mail: or via telephone: 508-678-2000.

Leather Jacket, Pant, Racing Suit Repair Pricing*

*Pricing subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE.
*Repair prices may change due to special circumstances
*Styles may limit the amount of adjustments made through repairs.

Vanson Repair Price List

October 2019

Zipper Repairs

Jacket CF Straight / Slanted $85 $100
Half CF zipper     $50
3 ST or Mesh Jacket     $75
Wrist zipper leather One / Both $75 $135
Wrist zipper mesh One / Both $50 $95
Replace slider only     $20
Replace Fly zipper     $75
Replace Chaps/101’s zippers)     $85
Replace full circumference suit zipper     $125
Replace arm vent zipper One / Both $60 $95
Replace pocket or exhaust vent zippers One / Both $60 $95
Replace Avenger style chest vent zippers One side / Both $175 $250
Replace lining zipper     $60
Replacing pocket zippers One / Both $60 $35
Replace Ankle zipper One / Both $75 $60
New Circumference Zipper     $125


Make and install new linings   Suit   $250
*Patched linings prices determined on a case-by-case basis Jacket   $200
  Pants   $175
  Vest   $100
  Zip-in-out (zizo)   $85
Sleeves only     $100

Cleaning & Conditioning

Does not include suedes, solar, foils, or cloth/textile
Wash & Recondition Suit   $200
  Jacket   $150
  Pants   $125
Wash & Re-dye Suit   $350
Excludes perf leather, solar, foils, or cloth/textile Jacket   $175
  Pants   $175
  (add’l colors)   $30
Surface Clean Only Leather Balm     $50
Reproof Waxed Cotton Garments     $85

Jacket Repairs

Vanson Ovals (zipper access)     $25
Vanson Ovals (without zipper access)     $30
Add Kevlar to sleeve (inseam to chest)     $225
Add Kevlar to side seams of jacket (to make bigger)     $200
BRVI at collar (includes Velcro square on lining)     $20
New stream-liner sleeves with zipper     $85
Velcro on main waistband     $35
Velcro on collar     $25
Sew on patches (front and back of jackets) each   $10
Sew on patches (on jacket sleeves) each   $25
Adding underarm garments     $25
Sewing on All House patches     $80
Replacing Knit on jacket Wrist cuffs One / Both $45 $70
Replacing Knit Collar     $50
Replacing Knit Waistband     $75
Add R.A.M. Sleeve Venting System - 3 pc. (Sportrider jkts.)     $150
Add R.A.M. Sleeve Venting System - 2 pc. Slv. (Model A/B/, etc.).     $200
Add solid MANX style waistband to jacket     $250
Add adjustable COBRA style waistband to jacket     $250
Adding Stream-liner snaps     $80
Replacing any 1 of 3 waistband parts     $155
Waist Circumference adjustment (pant or jacket side/wedges) (minimum of)   $160
Convert solid waistband into full circumference zipper (jacket)     $200
Convert adjustable waistband into full circumference zipper (jacket)     $300
Make brand new sleeve each   $180
Shorten both sleeves (elbow to wrist raising wrist zipper & tapering sleeve) (up to 2 in.)   $120
Add stripes to both sleeves and shoulder caps     $100
Changing wrist circumference + or -/not changing wrist zip)     $65
Shortening jacket front and back     $140
Adjusting neck hole     $165
Making brand new collar (mandarin or shirt style)     $80
Making brand new collar (bound style)     $50
Adding outside pockets each   $95
Adding inside pockets each   $75
Replacing pocket bag (cloth lined)     $50
Replacing pocket bag (leather lined)     $60
Replacing 2 back panels (graphics not included)     $210

Pant Repairs

Add Kevlar keyhole behind knee     $150
Add Kevlar to inseam (ankle to ankle)     $250
Hem Pants or Chaps     $25
Add Suspender buttons     $25
Convert solid waistband to full circumference zipper     $350
Convert 3 piece waistband to full circumference zipper     $180
Replace 1 entire leg of pants each leg   $160
Replace full panels: knee to ankle or crotch to knee (No Kevlar) both legs   $145
Shortening/Lengthening crotch to knee or knee to ankle     $250
Add Heat Shield     $190

Suit Repairs

Make a new sleeve with GRIND     $220
Add knee puck Velcro (PUCKS not included)     $50
Knee or Shoulder expander (adding/changing or moving position)     $200
Adding/changing heat shielding     $160
Making new back expander     $160
Adding Hump     $300
Removing Hump     $100
Adding GRIND (Entire Suit)     $600

Miscellaneous Repairs

Fixing snaps each   $10
Replacing buttons each   $15
Adding Velcro or snap tabs (Chaps/101’s/front zippers)     $20
Make new or replace side buckles     $60
Adding 3 pc. Opti-panel zipper-to-pants system (excludes actual panels)     $60


All custom orders must be signed and be accompanied by a 50% deposit. This deposit is non-refundable once work has commenced on your order. A rush service is available for a 20% surcharge on the total price of the garment. This is intended to cover costs related to producing your garment within 15 working days. However, this is not a guaranteed service and is dependent on our existing backlog when your order is received. In the event we are unable to produce your garment within the specified time, the rush charge will be refunded. Accurate measurements are your responsibility.

Alterations due to inaccurate measurements are chargeable to you. If the balance on the garment is not pre-paid, the garment will ship C.O.D. (cash or certified check) for the balance.

Custom orders are not refundable. If any changes or alterations are required to the garment, it must be returned within 30 days from the date shipped.

All designs submitted or made as a result of this order become the exclusive property of Vanson Leathers Inc. and may not be used for any purpose without the written permission of Vanson Leathers Inc.

Vanson Leathers Inc. reserves the right to change and modify product specifications.

Note: Florescent and metallic finishes on leather are decorative and are not warrantied by Vanson. All metallic and florescent finishes are light sensitive and may fade in sunlight. All non drum dyed leather, including metallic and florescent finishes, cannot be refinished by Vanson.