Top Ten Reasons to Own a Vanson

#10 Any size

We will make to fit

#9 Guaranteed fit

Once measurements have been approved by us, we have the information we need to be able to guarantee the fit for a custom motorcycle jacket, pants or suit. No worries – see our measurement video and pages – or call us, we can help.

#8 Aftercare

We will alter, repair and maintain Vanson leathers whatever the age and condition so long as the finished product is deemed "safe" by us.

#7 Reconditioning service

We will clean and bathe Vanson leathers using the same ph balanced oils and waxes used in the original tanning and finishing of the leathers.

#6 Ownership registry

All repairs, patterns and alterations are archived to enable us to repair and or reproduce each individual garment. We have tracked lost and stolen Vansons for their owners and the police.

#5 Handmade with pride in our workshop in Fall River, Mass, USA.

The Vanson team has over 38 years experience of making dreams come true. We make and finish our own leather. We make our own Aramid textile – which we call Powerstretch. Every Vanson is designed, engineered, cut and produced in the U.S.A. of imported and domestic materials.

#4 Strength + Protection

Race after race, year after year. Some of our oldest suits are still racing. Made from the strongest leathers, and the innovative and unique patented design features – such as the F.A.S. ( Floating Armor System), Double Front Zipper racing suits, Powerstretch Aramid textile panels, RAM Air Sleeve vents, AirCurtain ventilation systems – Vanson continuously works to produce the best at the front of the pack. Take a look at Eric Guilbranson's Crash101 video on why and how the Vanson suits protect.

#3 Value

Get Back Up and Get Going – our suits are NOT crash and replace. Mike Martire has over 60 crashes on his suit; Brian "Crash" Kent over 40. Kerry Hogan came off at 248 Mph. just before the finish line and slid 600 feet. Chris Hand got blown off his drag bike at 228 Mph. Dale Quarterly lost it at full speed on the Daytona High Banks when his Ducati transmission locked up – 165 Mph. 400 foot slide. Eric Wood at Homestead came off at 160 Mph. and ran back to the pits to relaunch on his back-up bike.

#2 Express yourself through the creation of a beautiful and unique suit

Any graphic - you (we can help you) design it, we will make it. Or look at our design pages for inspiration. Note: subject to design/construction limitations of the basic garment we are making for you.

#1 Pride of ownership

When you get a handmade Vanson custom suit you are joining a very exclusive worldwide club. These suits are heirloom quality, and given basic proper care will give decades of service.