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Vanson Educational/Informative Videos

Vanson, An American Institution Since 1974!
How to custom measure your Vanson suit
Watch how a Custom Vanson Jacket is made!
Why buy Vanson race leathers
Construction of our current generation of hard armor, the fruit of extensive racetrack experience, is the patented Vanson Grand Prix Floating Armor System.
Installing Vanson's Floating GP Hard Armor and CE Armor
Vanson offers expert repair and resizing services for all of their garments
Vanson repairs the handles of a 30+ year old Tote Bag
Colin from gorgeousbikes visits the Vanson factory and gets a tour and the lowdown from Kim
A brief look into the daily work of creating a Vanson Leathers garment-the lining process.
A brief glimpse into the daily grind of making a Vanson waxed cotton garment.
The machine only takes floppy disk and is a big old metal giant.  If it's not broke though, don't fix it! Custom embroidery is available and all done in house.
A quick glance into the effort that goes into every one of our garments. In this video a high grade zipper is set into the leather pieces that will go into the tops of one of our bags.
Get an inside look into the way Vanson suits are made to order.
How to make yourself a Vanson Measuring Device

Vanson Reviews

Eric Wood from Woodcraft talks about his and his family's race team history with Vanson Leathers
Eds story about his Vanson Leathers
Jonathans story about his Vanson Leathers
Motorcycle Gear Review, A brief video review of the Union Garage Robinson Jacket by Vanson
Moto Pickers came to Vanson Leathers to document the processes we use in design, patterning, and construction to create our world class leathers.
Stephans story about his Vanson Leathers

Vanson Product Videos

Mike Van der Sleesen introduces Vanson's new Air-pro air bag suit. to his left is Eric Wood and his new Woodcraft Air-Pro suit.
Eric Wood and Matt Silva discuss the comfort of the new Vanson Air-Pro Air bag racing suit
Eric Wood prepares to experience what the Air=Pro air bag suit feels like when the trigger is activated by Matt Silva of Vanson Leathers
A video about our A models by Mike
A video about our Slade model by Mike
A video about our A models by Mike
A video about our B  and BH models by Mike
A video about our Hunter model by Mike
A video about our Manchester model by Mike
A video about our RJ, RJV and RJP models by Mike

While Wearing a Vanson...

Eric GoGo Gulbransen racing with his new Vanson suit!Eric GoGo Gulbransen racing with his new Vanson suit!
Go Pro camera mounted on Chris Hand's top fueler at Valdosta
Chris Hand Saturday Night at Valdosta, blows the motor of his top fueler.
Dear Vanson, This is the on board video, shot during the VRRA's , P1-350 final at mosport speedway, on sunday aug 15th. When the rider in front of me lost traction and went down I unfortunately hit him and was thrown from the bike. I landed hard, but after taking a moment to gather my thoughts I was able to get up and walk away. Very glad I was wearing top notch safety gear. thanks, Richard M
Matt Smith Racing wearing his Vanson leaves The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with the Wally AND both ends of the track record!
Wall of Death at Vanson Leathers Open House 2017
Team Obsolete by The Vintagent