Air-Pro Motorbike Airbag System

Let’s state the obvious – Racing is dangerous, and circumstances may arise that can result in death or injury.

Vanson has been at the forefront of race suit development since 1974 with the main goal of keeping the rider as safe as possible with the least amount of injury during a crash. We are excited to announce our latest addition to rider safety – the Air-Pro airbag suit!

The Air-Pro air bag System is carried in a zip-in-zip-out AirLining which allows full replacement of the Air-Pro system without deconstructing the suit.

Like all of our racing suits, the Air-Pro is designed to be used with full armor for best results.

How it Works

When the time comes (and it will come) and you get pitched from your bike the Air-Pro system is activated when the lanyard detaches from the trigger mechanism inflating the air bag instantly. Watch the videos...

Don’t worry it isn’t a one time use, you will be able to install a new CO2 cartridge and reset the assembly for your next race. Unlike some of our competetors our air bag system can be reset many times without the need to send back to the manufacturer at the cost of hundreds of dollars.

Eric Wood with his new Vanson custom Air-Pro air bag racing suit built for the Ducati sponsored Penquin Racing School

Eric Wood owner of Penguin Road Racing School demostrates Vanson's dual zip front panel, Front View

Eric Wood demonstrates Vanson's dual zippered front panel on his Air-Pro air bag racing suit

Dual zip front panel open showing how air flo for cooling is not obstructed, Front View

Eric Wood shows how Vanson's is designed to allow maximum airflo for cooling with their Air-Pro air bag racing suit

Side expansion elastic pleats

Side expansion elastic pleats expand when the air bag is activated. These elastic pleats also allows for a larger range of movement and comfort for the rider.

Back expansion elastic pleats

Back expansion elastic pleats work like the side elastic pleats expanding when the air bag is activated. Panels also allows for a larger range of movement and comfort for the rider.

Eric and his suit before airbag activation

Eric Wood apprehensively waits to experience the air bag activation first hand

BOOM - Suit after airbag activation

Boom - air bag is activated

Back of suit after airbag activation

back view of Air-Pro air bag suit after activation

Videos of Eric Wood and his New Vanson Air-Pro Racing Suit

Mike Van der Sleesen introduces the AirPro Suit

Mike Van der Sleesen introduces Vanson' new Air-Pro air bag suit

Eric Wood Experiences the Air-Pro Suit for the First Time

Eric Wood and Matt Silva Discuss the features of Vanson' Air-Pro air bag suit

Our Air-Pro Suit has Off-the-Shelf Comfort

Vanson's Air-Pro suit is comfortable to wear

Eric Wood discusses the Vanson Leathers - Penquin Racing School Relationship

Vanson Leathers and Penquin Racing School have a 46 plus year racing relationship. Continuing working together to keep riders safe
Vanson Air-Pro trigger mechanism

Lanyard Style Trigger System

• 65 Foot LBS spring tension designed to deploy when you exit the bike and not when you "walk away"

• 45 gram CO2 cartridge included

• Inflation is virtually instant, deflation is slower at about 2 minutes to complete

• Easily reset by the rider at the track with new screw-in CO2 cartridge

• All necessary tools are included

• 1 canister (cartridge) is included with the suit, additional available at only $40.00 each

exploded illustration of the Air-Pro trigger mechanism

Below is the two piece lanyard used when racing with a Vanson AirPro air bag Road Racing Suit.

illustration of the Air-Pro 2 piece lanyard for trigger mechanism in a Vanson airbag road racing suit