Custom Jacket Measuring Guide Form

Make sure you follow ALL of the instructions in the Jacket Measuring Form

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Take Your MeasurementsTake Your Measurements diagram


Never measure yourself. Get someone else to help you.
• For taking measurements, wear jeans that fit you comfortably but snugly
and a t-shirt. Empty contents of pockets. Pull up pants for snug fit. Remove belt.
• On measurements involving the waist or “VMD Waist” use Vanson
Measuring Device
(see below). Another tape will also be required for measuring.
• Pull tape measure snug. DO NOT allow extra in your measurements.



• This device is designed to assist you in obtaining consistent mea- surements. This is of utmost importance in order for us to make your jacket fits as it should.
Use on measurements marked 6. • Secure the elastic belt part of the device around waist at navel. Make sure belt is parallel to ground.
• The elastic should be a snug fit so it does not move up and down easily when you rotate the tape or slide the tape slider buckle.
• You can now snap the tape to the tape slider buckle.
• Have someone run the tape over your body to the point you need to measure to, then write down the measurement.
• Rotate tape for other measurements that are from the same point. For other measure from points, slide tape slider buckle.

Make sure elastic belt does not move accidentally during measuring process.

If you have questions, call Vanson’s help line (508)678-2000

Measuring tape instructions image