Armor Protection

Vanson offers a variety of armor options that you can choose from based on the protection level you want. We have three different levels of CE armor and three levels of GP armor.
“CE” is an abbreviation of “Conformité Européene” a French phrase meaning “European Conformity”. The “CE Marking” is used in all EU official documents having to do with the European motorcycle safety standards. CE means that the armor has been tested to meet minimum safety requirements. CE Level 1 rated armor transfers a maximum of 18 kN to your body through back and chest armor with a max of 35 kN for limb armor while CE Level 2 rated armor transfers a maximum of 9 kN to your body through back and chest armor with a max of 20 kN for limb armor. Our GHOST LEVEL 2 armor is made from the material D30 and is manufactured using an additive digital printer.
Our GP Armor is the best armor in the business. We have designed two levels of protection specifically designed for our racing garments, The original design GP1 (F.A.S. - Floating Armor System) is a multi-layered system that attaches to the inner side of the racing garment and is designed to move with the rider offering the best protection possible. The GP2 armor offers the same multi-layer protection with the difference being that the outermost layer is created from form fitting D30 material.

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