• X-Ray Leather wallet
  • 6 inch long Trucker wallet 3 1/2 high
  • Chrome hardware
  • Heavy-Duty jewelry quality flat-link chain
  • Credit card holder pockets
  • Chrome snaps - all parts
Material Color

  • 35.10

X-Ray Wallet

Black Trucker style with chain and belt-loop

Anyone can stick "bones" onto a wallet, and end up with a thick, clunky, hard to fold and inelegant design.

That might work for Halloween.

But we don't do that. Our goal is to create a smooth, flat, thin and sophisticated piece of art. We cut the X-Ray bones out of the leather cover - making an intricate inlay jigsaw puzzle design. Then we carefully top-stitch both sides of the inlays, to hold the pieces flat and keep the wallet cover smooth and attractive.

Have you ever tried to open a closed "Clamshell"?
Wallets need to be thin for a sleek look, and so the outer and inner covers of the wallet are pre-curved and shaped together. This puts a little tension into the assembly. The cover has to want to "roll-up", just a little, when on the workbench. Like a clamshell.

To further reduce bulk and increase comfort we moved the zipper opening for the zipper-pocket from the top fold crown of the pocket to the front panel, just below the fold. All the bulk of the zipper assembly is now away from the fold of the leather. By doing this the zipper teeth are now always flat along the top-side edge of the zipper-pocket.

As a result, in your hand the wallet feels like it "wants to close" and lay down thin and flat. We call this a "clamshell design".

Four secure compartments are built into each wallet!
Between the inner-pocket and the zipper-pocket is a credit-card sized stash pouch. This is in addition to the license holder that is embossed with the Vanson oval and Unit-No of the wallet and top-stitched to the front of the zipper-pocket. Bill-fold inner-pocket, card sized stash pouch, zipper-pocket and license-holder: Four ways to store your valuables surrounded and protected by a "Clamshell" cover.

Dual snaps hold the "Clamshell" cover securely closed. When snapped closed all the inside compartments and their contents are protected.

Wallet attached with a 13 inch flat-lock chain...
For added security the wallet can be attached to a belt using the snap-closed leather belt-loop. Snap open and closed belt-loop allows easy-on and easy-off attachment to your belt.

  • Height 3.5 inches Length 5.75 inches Fully open 7 inches
  • Pull chain zipper pocket.
  • Card holder pocket embossed with Vanson Oval + Unit-no.
  • Inside open paper money pocket.
  • 13.75 inch long chain with snap close leather belt-loop.
  • Belt-loop length is 4 inches overall.
  • Outer and inner covers are pre-curved for easy low-bulk closure.
  • Pull-chain zipper pocket has the front pulled-down to keep the roll-over
  • of leather at the top of the pocket as thin as possible.

BLACK LEATHER with X-Ray Bone Inlays
Drop-in X-Ray Inlays are cut from White leather.

BLACK LEATHER with X-Ray Bone Inlays
Drop-in X-Ray Inlays are cut from White leather.

BLACK LEATHER with X-Ray Bone Inlays
Drop-in X-Ray Inlays are cut from White leather.