Overview of Vanson Leathers

Vanson Leathers are designed, engineered, cut and produced in the U.S.A. of imported and domestic materials in our own workshop in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA. Every Hand Made Men's leather motorcycle jackets and textile apparel by Vanson Leathers are designed for motorcycle racing, cruising, touring, sportriding or urban fashion.

American Produced Hand Made Leather Motorcycle Jackets, that is what Vanson Leathers is all about. Whether it is a custom motorcycle jacket or Road Racing Suits, such as our state-of-the-art Drag Racing Leathers, Cafe Racer Jackets, Concealed Carry Jackets or Motorcycle Racing Suits, Vanson represents the best Made in USA leather motorcycle clothing.

Blending traditional craftsmanship with new innovations, every piece is cut and sewn by hand - one at a time, by craftspeople who each average several decades of experience. For over 30 years our workshop has been located in the historic granite stone Laurel Lake Mill in Fall River, Massachusetts.

We have been, ever since our founding in 1974, one of the leading American manufacturers of custom motorcycle leather jackets. Leather, being the oldest continuously used material known to man, has never been improved on as a personal protective clothing material, even though the processes used to preserve it have changed over time. Today's custom leather motorcycle jackets started as utilitarian garments designed for work and combat; after use in two World Wars they became powerfully invested with the psychological and social significance they carry today. Leather jackets were an integral part of the uniforms of many armies, and after WWII there was a proliferation of “surplus” jackets available to the public. During this time the leather motorcycle jacket retained its symbolic association with the warriors who brought them back and into the mainstream. Leather Jackets are as popular today as they were then, we listen to our customers and design our jackets based on their needs. One of those requests was to design a Concealed Carry (CCW) Jackets. We have a few designs that incorporate a leather lined is useful in terms of carrying your handgun (large cell phone, small tablet or other somewhat large item) without letting anyone know you are carrying it.

The ‘Café Racer originated in the early 1960’s in London, England. The ‘Rockers’ or (Ton-up Boys) were a subculture of motorcycle enthusiasts that took pride in modifying their bikes, optimizing them for looks, speed and handling. It was the norm to meet dressed in your best leather jacket and hang out at the local Café where they could show their modified ‘steeds’ and boast of their superior qualities. Challenges would occur resulting in ‘quick’ rides from one Café to the next to see who was best. The Café Racer was born! Riding a vintage bike and are looking for a vintage leather jacket look – Vanson has many Cafe Racer Jackets styles to choose from. Cruising or Touring across country, ‘look’ comfort protection and ventilation is our specialty. Our American made garments stand out with a purposeful Café Racer flavor unique to Vanson. The ‘Café Racer' Origins. 

Substitute custom drag bike leathers, custom biker jackets, custom leather gloves, custom leather pants, or custom race leathers for the term “surplus” and you have the basis of today's road warrior gear.  From nostalgic CHP Jackets (California Highway Patrol) to modern Supermoto jackets, from flat track leathers to road race leathers to drag race leathers. Vanson is the best American made leather jackets. As with motorcycles, continuous development from race-track experience, and our “No Compromises” attitude, translates into superior real-world quality and design.

Integrity and Quality have been our aim from the beginning. We start with the best raw materials - we use the strongest and the thickest leather for motorcycle jackets. Our range is unusually wide – from gloves and vests, through leather jackets, including iconic leathers often seen on the screen ( Chips - California Highway Patrol, Dr. House, Talladega Nights to name a few), to road race and drag racing suits – and all of it is “made in USA.”

Blending traditional craftsmanship with new innovations our goal is to create Heirloom Quality garments.  Every item we make carries a unique serial number, which allows it to be tracked if stolen, and lets us maintain a complete record of the patterns used in making it (which we keep permanently) and any repairs or alterations made. Unlike most products sold today, every Vanson garment, whether off-the-rack or custom-made, is renewable by design. Vanson will repair, maintain, restore and alter any Vanson product whatever the age or condition.  

We, the craftspeople at Vanson Leathers, would like to share our pride of ownership with you. And We Thank You for reading this.