We have all got them, gems in the closet that just don’t fit like they used to. Want to update/upgrade your riding gear? Vanson can help, having been in business since 1974 we understand your predicament.

Our Buy Back program works for both of us, you get the opportunity to use your old items* towards the purchase of a Vanson Jacket, pants, gloves, or racing suits while we can have the opportunity to work with new/old customer to help purchase a ‘Vanson’!

  • Since 1974

    Founded in 1974, Vanson is one of the leading American manufacturers of custom motorcycle leather jackets. Why Leather? Leather is one of the oldest continuously used material known to man and has never been improved on as a protective clothing material.

    So, when Vanson built its first bike jacket back in 1974 with an eye toward improved performance and enhanced comfort

    Vanson jacket
  • Resizing and Repair

    Vanson’s Leather Jackets are designed to give motorcyclists a form fitting eliminating the wind buffeting that occurs with other manufacturers jackets. When you buy a Vanson we offer you the opportunity to have the jacket tailored to fit your body and riding style.

    In addition to our made-to-measure and custom design services, Vanson also offers expert repair and resizing services.

    Vanson offers resizing and repair to all of their leather garments
  • Washing, Reconditioning & Re-Dye Services

    Regardless of the age or condition, a Vanson reconditioning will enhance both the appearance and vitality of the leather.

    Washing and Cleaning the leather can be either a surface cleaning and Leather Balm treatment or a complete immersion bath using our specially-formulated oil.

    Vanson offers a cleaning and reconditioning service to all of their leather garments
An American Institution Since 1974