Vanson offers repair work for their garmentsVanson's Leather garment Resizing and Repair Services

Vanson’s Leather Jackets are designed to give motorcyclists a form fitting eliminating the wind buffeting that occurs with other manufacturers jackets. When you buy a Vanson we offer you the opportunity to have the jacket tailored to fit your body and riding style.

In addition to our made-to-measure and custom design services, Vanson also offers expert repair and resizing services. A Unit (ID) Number is embossed into every Vanson garment enabling us to pull up the original patterns used to make your jacket. We track any repairs and modifications made to each garment, so we can rebuild or remake the garment at any point in time. Additionally, the unit/ID number can be used to find lost/stolen garments, when a item is sent to our repair department the number is matched to the registered owner, if they don’t match we do the research to get it back to the rightful owner.

We can repair crash damage and replace zippers and snaps to the point where any damage becomes virtually unnoticeable. Aging and cosmetic blemishes can also be rectified using our Wash + Re-dye Service. Graphics and Logos can also be changed or replaced as desired.

We can also ‘open up’ or ‘take in’ your Vanson jacket if you’ve changed physically since the time you purchased your original Vanson.

While most repair and resizing, work is straight forward, every situation is unique and will be evaluated and priced out on an individual basis.