Vanson, America's largest manufacturer of leather motorcycle apparel for 50 Years!

Vanson 50th anniversary collection

For 5 decades Vanson has been making leathers, where we live, right here in Fall River, Massachusetts. Since 1974, each Vanson has been cut by hand and made by hand, one-at-a-time. So when it came time to mark this special anniversary we looked no further than to our highly skilled craftspeople. We wanted a series of Vanson jackets, Bags and every day fun stuff, items that represents the quality & craftsmanship we have been known for the last 50 years. Can't get better than that!

     ‘Heirloom quality leather garments

that are built to last.’

You can own one of Vanson’s Anniversary items…choose from the items listed below. For those that really want to make a statement where ever they go these items are guaranteed to turn heads. If you are just bopping around and want something casual, we finish off our collection with a mug, bandana and tee-shirts.

vanson 50th anniversary jacket

Vanson Anniversary Edition Jacket

Model AN04 50

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Vanson's 50th anniversary Star Bag

Anniversary Star Bag
Model AN03 50

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Vanson's 50th anniversary Back Pack

Anniversary Back Pack

Model AN01 50

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‘Our Anniversary Items will Give You a Unique

and Enviable Look!’

Vanson's 50th anniversary Amsterdam Bag

Anniversary Amsterdam Bag

Model AN05 50

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Vanson's 50th anniversary Fanny Pack

Anniversary Fanny Pack

Model AN02 50

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Vanson's 50th anniversary Mug

50 Year Mug

Model MUG1 50

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Vanson's 50th anniversary Bandana

Bandana 50 Years

Model BND1 BLK

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Anniversary Tees
Stay tuned, they are on their way!