Clear paste for RePROOFING

  • Textile wax cotton canvas conditioner
  • Re-proofing compound to recondition and treat wax-cotton
  • Resealable container to keep contents fresh
Material Color

  • 35.10

This specially formulated wax gives optimum results with easy application using minimal heat. Great for reapplications and touch-ups. Once applied, the luxurious finish is water-repellent, but unlike other waxes it has no harsh paraffin smell.

How best to use:

Make sure the room is warm, or if you'll be working outside, make sure you have a warm sunny day.

•    Clean the garment as best you can with cool, clean water and a sponge   -   don't use soaps or abrasive scrub pads. NEVER put your Vanson in a washing machine!

•     Hang dry, keep out of direct sun. NEVER put your Vanson in a dryer!

•     Open the tin and stand it in hot water until the wax appears clear. We recommend putting the open tin in a metal cup in a small pot of hot water.

•     Once clear and pliable put the tin of wax on something like a folded rag, so it stays warm.

•    Use a soft cloth and work the wax into the fabric a little at a time. Use short circular strokes. Be sure to wipe away any excess.

•     Try to keep the color of the garment consistent, and quickly blend any dark patches that appear as you apply the wax. Pay close attention to seams, creases and areas of heavy use.

•    Use a hair dryer or heat gun (set low) to smooth out the wax as necessary.

•    Hang to dry and cool.

•    You may want to use the hair dryer again if the dried finish looks uneven.

  • Can measures 2 1/2 inch diameter x 1 inch height
  • 1.5 oz.

Wax cotton can be reconditioned and re-proofed using the
Vanson wax sold separately. Use a hair dryer to heat the
area of the garment needing wax + work the wax paste into
the Duck using a dry cloth and a circular motion.
Note: Do not wash or dry-clean wax cotton as it will
lose the wax impregnation and finish. To clean wax
cotton hose off with cool water only. Air-dry in a cool