• Nylon Cordura textile motorycle riding pants
  • Motorcycle Touring pants Vented + Armored adjustable waist
  • CE approved F.A.S. armor at knee
  • Hip pad armor standard
  • Adjustable waistband with secure cam-cleat follower
  • Beltloops - long - for 2-inch-wide-belt
  • Rear waist zipper (11 inch) to connect pants to jacket
  • Reflective piping for added visibilty at night
  • Ventilated mesh lining
  • Boot-cut leg - with velcro and tab to adjust
  • Tack-button close waistband
  • Tapered leg to wear inside boot
  • 2 Zip-close exterior hand pockets
  • Cargo pockets on legs
  • Patented RamAir leg vent system
  • Self sealing water-proof zippers
Material Color

  • 11.30
  • 22.50
  • 24.10
  • 24.30
  • 24.40
  • 28.20
  • 30.10
  • 35.10
  • 35.20
  • 35.70

For adventure touring, try on Vanson's Water-Resistant Odyssey Pants.

Originally designed as both compliment and complement to the Buell adventure touring motorcycle, our Odyssey Pants and Jacket (Styles ODYS, ODYP for men; ODLS, ODLP for women) are an excellent combination for both on- and off-the-road excursions. Comfort, protection, ease of movement and ventilation control in all weather conditions were the design goals for this family of garments.

Your sine qua non for comfort, ventilation and protection is a garment that flows the maximum amount of air, yet will not billow and deform, which would lead to both fatigue and loss of protection, from armor shifting away from impact areas.

We selected 1000 denier Cordura nylon as the base material for its renowned durability and strength (developed at DuPont to replace steel belts in radial tires). Cordura is very strong, but does not breathe well. By incorporating our patented RamAir Induction Vents (US Patent 5704064) in the upper legs, we can give you very effective ventilation.

The Odyssey Pants may be worn either as pants or over-pants, thanks to their flex-adjusting waistband with cam-lock sliders riding on a secured tab. Directly below the front waistbands are two hand pockets with waterproof self-sealing zippers. Mounted on each leg is a Velcro-close cargo pocket and our patented RamAir leg vent system. This design allows the waterproof zipper to open, scooping air into the pant leg, while preventing the pant leg from expanding. This is pure air-flow through the ventilated mesh lining without weakening the structural integrity of the pants. At the rear waist, a single zip allows the pants to attach to a jacket. The ankles are secured with over-the-boot leather and Velcro closures. Pre-installed armor is supplied for the knees (Floating Armor System US Patent 6070274) and hips. For versatility, functionality and comfort in all kinds of weather and terrain our Odyssey Water-Resistant Pants are a top choice among experienced riders.

  • SIZE....XS.....S.....M.....L.....XL.....XXL.....XXXL
  • SCALE...27....30.....33....36....38.....41......44
  • SIZE Medium (SZ.33) Waist is 37 inches - with adjustability from 34 to 40.
  • Hips are 46. -----Outseam is 43. -----Inseam is 32. ----Ankle is 17.5.
  • Note that garments made from Cordura will feel tighter than garments made
  • from other materials; this is because Cordura does not stretch and give as
  • other materials do. Waist adjustability is with a cam-lock and sliding
  • front pocket.

BLACK 1000 DENIER NYLON CORDURA. Cordura yarns were
originally formulated by DuPont for use as cording in
radial tires - hence the name CORDURA. These yarns are
extremely tough with good abrasion resistance. A 3/4 oz.
polyurethane coating on the inside makes the material
water-resistant and strengthens the weave. This material
has very minimal stretch. It can also fade when exposed
to strong ultraviolet light.
CORDURA is a coated fabric and should not be washed or
dry-cleaned as this will damage the coating and seriously
harm the fabric integrity. Garments made from
Cordura should be hosed off with cool water and air-dried.