• Vented and Armored leather street cruiser jacket
  • AirCurtain cool leather motorcycle cruiser jacket
  • Backpad optional - will accept optional backpad
  • CE approved armor at elbow
  • CE approved armor at shoulders
  • Dipped back and kidney panel for secure windtight fit
  • Snap collar
  • MiniPerf - Tight perforation pattern leather panels
  • Armor access zipper in lining to adjust or remove armor
  • Ventilated mesh lining
  • 2 Zip-close exterior hand pockets
  • ID key fob embossed with garment unit-number for reference
  • Racing suit style wrist zippers with shaped zip guard
  • Underarm gusset for enhanced movement
  • Windtight low-bulk zip close sleeves
  • Chrome hardware black cap snaps
  • 2 Rear zip-close exhaust vents
  • AirCurtain vent system - patented
  • Patented RamAir sleeve vent system
  • Underarm ventilation grommets
  • Leather windflap
Material Color

  • 4.40
  • 8.10
  • 22.10
  • 22.60
  • 22.70
  • 30.10
  • 35.10
  • 35.20
  • 35.70

As Miss Vikki in the Vanson Showroom once said:   "If a Cobra 2 and a Drifter had a baby "" what would you get?   You'd get a DRAC! "

Back in 1995, when we first worked on designs with variable venting, the idea was to allow airflow into the jacket to cool the rider without creating a billowing puffed-up bag of humanity coming down the road. You know the look. We've all seen a guy like this jacket filled with air, holding onto the bars for dear life with the wind trying to rip him off his bike. Not exactly a comfortable ride. Until another Vanson innovation solved the problem.

Most so-called vent systems were nothing more than zipper slits - when open they expanded the jacket shell forming an air brake around the rider. See this and you'll know that any protective armor in the jacket has probably shifted. Crash forces twist an oversized garment around, with the protection areas likely to move away from points of contact, leaving little or no benefit from having the armor in the first place.

Our patented innovations all start from the principle that controllable air-flow and protection don't have to be mutually exclusive.  All our venting is controllable, and allows air to pass through the shell by making the vent area non-stretchable but air-permeable, so the shell keeps its correct shape, the protection stays where it should be, and the jacket itself does not become (literally) a drag on the rider.

Full Throttle jackets use our Air Curtain Vent System (US patents 5507042, 6883178, 6868557) in the front panels.  Behind the perforated leather front panels are water- and air-proof nylon curtains that can be unzipped and rolled down for airflow. There are two exit vents on the back near the underarm. Opening both front and rear vents lets air flow through the jacket shell.

The Sleeves use our patented RAM A.I.R. Vent System (US Patent 5704064), with a zippered vent safely at the crook of the elbow for air to enter, flow past the armpits and exit through the rear vents. Under the entry vent is a heavy mesh that keeps the sleeve from expanding while the outer material of the sleeve forms an air scoop.

Enhanced protection comes from our F.A.S. - Floating Armor System (US Patents 607274, 6260196) which attaches shoulder and elbow armor with a Velcro harness for easy adjustment or removal. This allows the rider to move while the armor stays in the right place.

We incorporated these technical features in the basic shell of our Drifter jackets which feature a relaxed comfortable fit ideal for touring or just kicking about. We make these for both Men (DRAC) and Ladies (DRCL).

  • Sizing is ................XS..Sm..Med..Lge..Xlge..XXL..XXXL..XXXXL
  • Chest size Scale..........36..39..42...45...48....51...54....57
  • Chest Measurement MED (SZ 42) 47 inches -----Norm Ease is 5 inches
  • Cruiser fit
  • Backpad is optional. Sleeves are pre-curved - wrists are finished with
  • leather beading for a low-bulk finish. This jacket has a trim fit - but is
  • not as tight as a Sportrider jacket. Back length on a Medium is 26 inches.
  • Nape of neck to wrist 35 in. ------Center Front Length is 20.75 in.
  • Bottom circumference sweep is 42 inches.
  • Download the Fit Chart

PERFORATED ZIRCON BLACK - Mini Perforation pattern
Beautiful smooth grain 1.2 mm ( 3 oz. ) leather with a
polished look and feel. For the front ventilated panels
selected hides are perforated with a mini-perf pattern to
maximize airflow while preserving the look and integrity
of the leather.
ZIRCON BLACK - is used for the rest of the jacket.
Beautiful smooth grain 1.2 mm ( 3 oz. ) leather with a
polished look and feel. Only the very best grade of skins
can make this leather. This leather breaks in easily and
as it does the look and feel develop and become unique to
the garment. This is a sophisticated and elegant medium
weight leather.