VL94 - Mark4 – Ladies Velocity Custom One Piece Leather Motorcycle Racing Suit – Single Zipper

The VL94 is "NO COMPROMISE" professional Road racing Suit for women. It is designed for maximum comfort and flexibility without sacrificing safety. This custom made suit is constructed of a single layer of 1.4mm competition weight cowhide, Powerstretch, and PROperf leather.

Vanson VL94 - Mark4 – Ladies Velocity Custom One Piece Leather Motorcycle Racing Suit – Single Zipper Standard Features

• Shoulders and sleeves are rotated forward for enhanced mobility and access to the controls.

• Extended and curved wrist and ankle zippers allow for easier entry and exit from the suit.

• All the zippers and hardware are long lasting brass.

• The wrists and ankles have raw edge leather construction to reduce the bulk in your boots and gloves.

• The athletic mesh (standard) lining zips out at the crotch and back of the suit for washing and replacement. This allows for fast servicing and repair of the graphics and outer shell.

• There are optional linings available in different materials, from wind-blocking rayon to ventilated mesh (standard) and cool-max for the really humid days.

•The collar is beaded spandex nylon for comfort. The main zipper has a security tab with velcro closure, below the collar, to keep the zipper in the safety locked position.

• The Vanson patented F.A.S. Armor (Floating Armor System), is located in the shoulders, elbow/forearms, knees and back pad. Shoulder, Elbow, Knee and Hip Armor is constructed using CE approved injection molded parts that have been designed and shaped to fit women.

• All of our armor is attached with our patented full floating armor system. This allows the armor to move with the rider for protection.

• There is a layer of extra leather in the seat. There is also an additional layer of leather and foam as part of the F.A.S. Floating Armor system at the shoulders, elbow/forearm, and knees.

• PROperf ventilated leather panels are used from shoulders to bottom of the knee expander, as well as at the back of the calf, from knee to ankle, for cooling, flexibility and comfort.

• PROperf ventilated leather expander panels are used at center back and back shoulders for side to side motion, comfort and additional ventilation.

• Expander panels in the shoulders, back, and knees are oversize and curved shapes for maximum range of motion and freedom of movement.

• Powerstretch Aramid material panels in the chest and arms, legs and crotch facilitates ease of movement. Powerstretch Aramid material is lightweight and offers low-bulk construction required for Road Racing.

• State of the art, double articulated knee design moves seams away from the knee cap. This eliminates pressure on the knee and increases movement, comfort, control and improves armor placement for safety.

• Each suit is stamped with an identification number on the wrist and leg zipper windflaps. The Vanson unit number allows us to track ownership and service history of each suit.

• As with all of our racing suits, we have additional customizing options that can be added for minimal additional cost.

• The VL93 is the top of the line Custom Single Zip suit for Road Racing women.

• VELCRO field with GP style Knee Slider Pucks.


How to Order your Vanson Suit:

Get started by downloading the Custom Suit Measurement Guide below, if you have any questions about how to order or size your suit feel free to call or email our suit expert, Matt Silva : matts@vansonleathers.com or 508-678-2000